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Floor Plan

Prestige Jindal City Project includes advancement of private lofts involving 3,498 Nos. of private flats in 5 Buildings (15 Towers), a club house and a school building.

Prestige Jindal Property venture is suited for all families might be atomic, extensive or Joint Units. Prestige Jindal Property venture would be to such an extent that it would fulfill the client desires with every present day include fused inside the space arranged by the Indian compositional style, VAASTU SHASTRA.

1, 2, 3 and 4 Bedroom pads will have 1 gallery in the lounge.

Exchange Fees (Rs/sft) (Sale Before Registration) is Rs. 100.

3 Bedroom and 4 Bedroom will have 2 galleries with one gallery in the main Bedroom and 1 overhang in the lounge room.

4 Bedroom will have lavatories for worker independently.

Leave Policy/Compensation :

Secure Period - 3 Installments.

Postpone Compensation will be bank enthusiasm after the beauty time frame.